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Newsletter Summer 2018


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Missionary Chaplain Dan Evans

     I have been involved with GEMS since 2016 as a volunteer chaplain, but really have been touched by them long before Dan Nase ever asked me to come to a meeting! When I was incarcerated at Liberty CI from 2001-2008, I was moved by this group of men who would come down to the compound and actually “hang out” with us on “our turf” instead of the inmate population going up to the chapel. I saw what kind of an impact that had on those who had the hardest of hearts. Their mindset was, “If these guys aren’t afraid to come where I am, then I can at least listen to what they have to say either here on the compound or up at the chapel.”

     So, I determined to one day be a part of a ministry that did these such things as eat with the guys in the chow hall, go back to confinement and pray with the guys back there, etc.” God planted His seed for prison ministry in my heart through GEMS doing what they do.

      I currently teach classes weekly at Holmes CI on Tuesday morning and Wakulla CI Work Camp on Thursday mornings. I also bring groups of volunteers in with me for worship services once and sometimes twice a month to Holmes and ACI – West. I am currently in talks with Chaplain Tease at Jefferson CI to try and start coming in there for worship services.

      I am the Director of Harvest of Life Prison Ministry and this ministry currently corresponds with over 400 inmates.

      I am so blessed that God placed a burden in my heart for those incarcerated while I was incarcerated and I am so thankful He has provided the way and the opportunities for me to be an encouragement to those who may not have any hope to know that all things are possible with God! My life’s verse is Jeremiah 32:27, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is there anything too hard for Me?”

      Here are a couple testimonies from letters we have received:

      “Harvest of Life has meant so much more in my heart, and I’m sure those who share my current stature are in agreement when I say, an example and standard is being raised by God through Harvest of Life. Everyone knows someone in prison, whether physically or spiritually - saved or lost. Harvest of Life is reaching them with the gospel. It’s similar to the love expressed when a mother, brother, son, or neighborhood friend stops by to say, “Hey! Jesus is real and He sent me to say He knows where you are and you are loved!” – Michael

      "A year ago, my world was shifted. I was discouraged, alone, and in need of something/someone to embrace me. It would be pious to say, “All I needed was the assurance that the Lord was with me,” because reality is sometimes you don’t feel that way. Then Harvest of Life came in and brought the Lord with them and the Lord found me or I found the Lord in them!” – Brian.

Dan Evans


Featured Board Member: Lee Hoover



Lee Hoover

     I was born in Lebanon, PA in 1978, and moved to Southwest Georgia as a teenager with my family. Jan and I were married in 1999 and God has blessed us with 5 children. We currently reside in Pelham GA, and I serve as a bivocational  pastor at Faith Mennonite Mission and am involved in an agricultural endeavor as well as a family electrical business.

     My first exposure to prison ministry was about 20 years ago with the Gospel Express prison crusades. As I observed the hunger for God that many of those inmates had, it moved me to continue to be a part of that good work. Over the years I have been periodically involved in prison ministry in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida in various capacities as counselor, evangelist, and teacher. It is a blessing to be involved in the support of our dedicated chaplains, as well as give guidance to the ministry as we move forward. -Lee


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