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Monthly Missionary Chaplain Reports




During the month of October, our Missionary Chaplains spent 222 hours and traveled 3,741miles to visit 26 prisons and speak The Word of God to 7,065 inmates!


Our volunteer chaplains reported 31 hours serving 280 inmates traveling 494 miles.



During the month of September, our Missionary Chaplains spent 329 hours and traveled 13,246 miles to visit 41 prisons and speak The Word of God to 8,876 inmates!

Three volunteer chaplains reported 61 hours with 790 inmates traveling 1,694 miles.


August 2018

In the month of August, our Chaplains visited 28 prisons, spent 317 hours of ministry visiting 7,126 inmates, and drove 13,045 miles.

July 2018


During the month of July, our Missionary Chaplains spent 319 hours, traveled 12,881 miles to visit 29 prisons and speak The Word of God to 5,436 inmates!



June 2018

During the month of June, our Missionary Chaplains spent 299 hours and traveled 6,657 miles to visit 32 prisons and speak The Word of God to 11,670 inmates!



May 2018

During the month of May, our Chaplains traveled 10,512 miles, visited 23 prisons, and spent 255 hours to speak God’s Word to 3,584 inmates.

April 2018

During the month of April, our Chaplains spent 345 hours and traveled 13,597 miles to visit 36 prisons and speak The Word of God to 9,739 inmates!


March 2018

In the month of March, our hardworking Chaplains visited 36 prisons, traveled 10,917 miles, spoke The Word to 4,262 inmates, spending 233 hours in the prisons.


February 2018

In the month of February, our Chaplains visited 26 prisons, spoke The Good News to 3,953 inmates, traveled 1,951 miles and spent 249 hours in the prisons.

January 2018

During the month of January, our Chaplains visited 30 prisons, spent 246 hours of ministry reaching 4,526 inmates, and driving 12,793 miles.

December 2017

In the month of December, our Chaplains visited 34 prisons, spent 274 hours of ministry visiting 8,654 inmates, and drove 14,048 miles.

November 2017  

28 prisons visited, 369 hours of ministry, reaching 6,023 inmates and driving 13,766 miles.

October 2017  

27 prisons visited, 307 hours of ministry, reaching 6,814 inmates and driving 11,115 miles.


September 2017  

27 prisons visited, 212 hours of ministry, reaching 2,714 inmates and driving 7,619 miles.

August 2017   

28 prisons visited, 223 hours of ministry, reaching 4,478 inmates and driving 9,703 miles.



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