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Harley Lamoureux


Missionary Chaplain Harley Lamoureux

     I was born in the housing projects of Jacksonville, FL. My mother made sure we attended church, and at the age of eight, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. After studying missions, I was called to be a missionary at age 13. Not long after that, events at my church turned me off to religion. In my rebellion, and searching for a place to belong, I became a part of the drug culture, using and selling drugs. This eventually led to arrest and incarceration, and I vowed that I would never return to prison.

     A few years after my release, I found myself at a missionary conference, during which I renewed my call to be a missionary. I had an opportunity to go to Liberia for a short-term mission trip. The problem was that I could not get a visa because of my felony conviction. At church, I was asked to visit someone’s neighbor’s son in prison. Although I fought this request, I found myself standing in the chapel at the prison, sharing my testimony, and saying words that I never thought of. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “This is your mission field.”

   I have been ministering in prison since 1984.



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