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Candice Nissley


Candice Nissley


     Candice is returning to GEMS as a Board of Director after taking time off due to an ill father. She previously served on the Board from 2006-2013. We are happy to welcome Candice back!

     Candice has lived in Tallahassee for 27 years, moving here from Sarasota, Florida. She and Mike have been married for 28 years and have five children. Candice went to school for business and accounting and has owned her own businesses, worked as an account executive for Estee Lauder, and is currently the Hospitality Director for Community Leadership Academy.

     Candice enjoys organizing and creating the Annual Ladies Teas and Banquet Fundraisers to share what GEMS is all about. Candice is thankful to serve with the gifts God has given her. She felt called to serve with GEMS after a fundraiser she led for The Women’s Pregnancy Center in 2005.

      After this event she learned of the need for the prison ministry by a board member. She knew nothing of the prison ministry and couldn’t understand why God would call her to this ministry. She spoke with her dad who reminded her of God’s calling to serve where He calls you, to trust in His timing, and be the vessel of God’s hope and unconditional love. She could do this by using the gifts God gave her. After much prayer with her husband, we had our First Ladies Tea at Berean Christian Fellowship in the spring of 2006.

     Candice is thankful to take a part in this wonderful team of Directors, Advisors, Chaplains, volunteers, and former inmates. It blesses her to hear their amazing testimonies of faith and love for Jesus.

     If what we do touches the heart of one lost sheep, then we will have done what God called us to do. That is the reason for her joy in serving. It’s not so much the numbers who hear God’s Word but the one who hears His Word and accepts His truth, love, grace, and forgiveness, and forever is changed as a result.



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